Lark & Laurel Bed & Breakfast

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Writers, Poets, Artists, Musicians

You need time. Time to be free of life's distractions. Time to create.

 Come to the Prairie Dreaming house. Give yourself the 4 days, 8 days, the 12 days that it takes to gain your focus and your vision. Space to get a fresh start on your dreams.  This beautiful get-away is 14 miles from the home Lark and Laurel out on Vixen Lane.  A sunken living room with giant brick fireplace.  A glorious view of the nearby Highwood Mountains. A divine kitchen, fully furnished.  You are left as alone as you want to be. Do your own cooking, call your own shots, wear your jammies all day.  Walk down the long straight road toward the mountains.  Sit by the pond. Listen to the red wing blackbirds, the mourning doves, and the meadow larks.  Clear your mind!

4 nights.........$600                 

8 nights.........$1100

12 nights.........$1500