The Green Room

Lovely view of garden below.



Attic Chambers: Stained Glass Room>

Attic Chambers: Stained Glass Room>

Light-filled bedroom with adjoining sitting room

  High above the other rooms is the Stained Glass Room, named because of the little window opposite the outside window.  This room provides a comfy double bed.  Toilet and sink are shared with the Chimney Room, and to shower guests go one flight down to hallway bathroom.  A personal sitting room adjoins to the bed room with a lttle view of the river. For families and groups the Chimney Room and Stained Glass Room can be rented together, along with loads of floor space for those with the camping spirit who don't mind using their sleeping bags.  Cots are also available.

Stained Glass Room, $75/night for 1-2 people.  10$ per extra person